Rosas Cantares

A bit of history

Rosas-Cantares is an estate of 660 hectares, on which active farming and livestock define the daily activity. The breeding of French “Limousin” cows has been one of the main activities for which the farm is known. The finca is made up of several smaller farms that the Buhofer family has been acquiring since 1986, when the founder, Henry Buhofer, first arrived to Pizarra. He and his wife Elisabeth fell in love with the rolling hills and endless skies and spent their later years tending to the fields of wheat, the olive groves, the livestock and the country houses.

The area is rich in history dating back to the ancient Phoenicians, eventually displaced by the Romans, the Goths, the Moors and, eventually, by the conquering Christians that banished the Moors. This area also maintains some of the traditions of past cultures, like wine and olive cultivation. It is frequent to find archeological remains of all of the above culture upon ploughing a field or the construction of a building.

Each estate or “finca” had its own “cortijo”, the dwellings originally built by the farmers who owned the land. These buildings in many cases date back over 200 years and were designed and built with the means and wisdom of the natives of these lands. Today, they have been refurbished and furnished to include all the comforts and luxuries of contemporary life, without losing the charm of the original Andalusian traditions.

The visionary

Henry Buhofer, Swiss adventurer and architect of Rosas Cantares.

«A place to absorb these traditions as well as the lush nature that surrounds them»

Conversion to a hotel

The farmhouses have been remodelled and have their own history, such as the Castellanos farmhouse, which dates back to 1764 and was founded as a farm in 1535 by Gonzalo Suarez de Figueroa and Doña Juana de Orellana, lords of Pizarra. These are the cortijos that are now open to the public and offer a unique opportunity to experience the tranquillity of the deep Andalusian countryside, with easy access to the adventure of exploring a region steeped in centuries of history and tradition and enjoying a warm welcome from its hospitable inhabitants.

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